St. Peter’s

Our church is named after the Apostle Simon Peter.  The name Peter means “rock” in Greek.  It is the name Jesus gave to Simon in recognition of his rock-solid confession of faith: “You are the Christ, the Son of the living God.” (Mt. 16:16)  With these words, Peter confessed the truth that Jesus is the Christ, the foundation upon whom the Holy Christian Church is built.


means “Gospel-centered.”  We believe that the central message of Scripture is the “Good News” that our sins are freely and fully forgiven for the sake of Jesus Christ.  As such, the primary focus of our ministry is on ‘preaching Christ crucified.’ (I Cor. 1:23)


is our Christian denomination, named after Martin Luther, the 16th Century monk who rediscovered the Gospel by affirming the authority of Scripture.  Because of this, we don’t follow the teachings of Luther, but rather, the teachings of Scripture.  We don’t place tradition, reason, or experience above Scripture, but we’ve found the “middle ground” where Scripture informs all our beliefs and practices.


is what we are together.  We gather as a congregation to receive God’s gifts in our Divine Service on Sundays.  We don’t come together to make God happy. We come to be served by God so we can go out and serve other people in our daily vocations.